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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – Best Metal & Glass Work


Welcome to Best Metal and Glass Work! Before you proceed with our services, please take a moment to read and understand our terms and conditions.


“Agreement” means the understanding between you (our valued customer) and Best Metal and Glass Work regarding the project you want us to complete for you. This includes the quote, scope of work, and any special conditions mentioned.

“Best Metal and Glass Work” refers to our company, which specializes in metal and glass work and is incorporated within the country.

“Contract Price” refers to the total amount you need to pay for the materials and services we provide for your project.

“Material and/or Services” includes the building materials, construction, and related services needed for your project, as mentioned in the quote.

“Project” is the building project specified in the quote and scope of work.

Material and Services:

We agree to provide the materials and services as stated in the quote, within the agreed timeframe and conditions. By accepting the quote and making the initial deposit, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms and conditions.


The delivery of materials and/or the rendering of services will take place as per the scope of work mentioned in the quote, upon receiving full payment of the contract price.


Once you accept our quote, we will issue an invoice specifying the materials and services included, such as labor, glass, metal installation, gate fencing, and standard railings (windows and glass railings) unless stated otherwise.

The quote covers all costs needed for the complete installation and completion of the scope of work mentioned, with no hidden charges.

However, please note that certain items may not be included in the quote, such as external sealants for aluminum frames without plaster, cleaning, entrance fees for site access, window wrapping, structural metal or supports, necessary equipment for excessive heights, and any electrical work.

To provide an accurate quote, we may need specific information from you, like building plans, design, window schedule, glazing specification, metal finish, section specification, wind load, and other relevant details.

Guarantees and Warranties:

We guarantee that the materials we provide are free of any encumbrances and have clear titles.

Our services will be carried out in a timely and professional manner, conforming to the quote’s specifications.

Upon completing the installation, we offer a 12-month Contractor’s Warranty, provided you have paid in full and signed these terms and conditions.

Please note that the Contractor’s Warranty will be void if the product is tampered with by anyone other than Best Metal and Glass Work or if damage occurs due to natural disasters.

We also provide additional guarantees, such as a 15-year warranty against peeling of powder coating on aluminum products and a 10-year warranty against delamination of laminated glasses installed by us.

To claim any warranty, you must present the signed terms and conditions document and proof of payment.

Lead Time:

Lead times will be applicable once we receive a 50% deposit, a signed quotation with these terms and conditions, and a copy of your ID document.

Lead times typically range from 15 to 20 working days, and the installation date will be confirmed upon receiving the deposit.

Additional payments (40% of the contract price) will be required on the installation date to commence the installation.

Lead times may change if you make alterations to the product design or if proper apertures are not set for installation.

Certain materials and services may have longer lead times, such as special powder-coated metal, double-glazing, toughened safety glass, and custom framed showers.


You must make payment of the contract price as follows: 

  1. a) 50% upon accepting the quote. 
  2. b) 40% on the confirmed installation date. 
  3. c) 10% once the project is completed.

Please note that the quote may change due to material price escalations or variations.

If you fail to provide a signed copy of this agreement, your payment of the initial deposit will signify your acceptance of these terms.

If you terminate the agreement after manufacturing has begun, you will forfeit the entire deposit.

In case of late payment, statutory interest will apply at 2% per month, accruing to 24% per annum, for payments overdue for more than 20 days.

You must make the final 10% payment within 24 hours of receiving notification from us certifying the project’s completion.


Best Metal and Glass Work will not be held liable for any loss or damage to products, tiles, plasterwork, paintwork, plumbing, paving, metal or glass installation or any repair work required due to the removal of old items and any damages caused during the process.

We are not responsible for any water leakage caused by your insistence on a door opening direction against our advice.

We shall not be liable for any damages resulting from construction issues, such as windowsills and overhangs causing leaking windows.

You agree to indemnify Best Metal and Glass Work for any liability concerning latent defects discovered beyond 12 months from completion.

We hope you find these terms and conditions clear and fair. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us before proceeding with your project. Thank you for choosing Best Metal and Glass Work; we look forward to providing you with exceptional services!